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TestKitPlus Cocaine Cuts Test Kit 10/pack Ten Tests Pack

TestKitPlus Cocaine Cuts Test Kit 10/pack Ten Tests Pack

Product Description
This is a fast and simple test to determine cutting agents in cocaine.

Why Is This Test Important?
Dealers usually cut cocaine to increase their profit margins. The substances used for cutting are sometimes harmless, but it often happens that dangerous substances are added.

This kit tests for the most common and dangerous cutting agents including:
Uncut cocaine does not react with this test!

Cocaine Cuts Test Kit Includes
10 Cocaine cutting tests
10 Spatulas
Instruction sheet
Simply compare the test result with the color chart included with the kit to find out if your cocaine is adulterated.

The testing liquid in the ampoule is a golden yellow color. Mix your sample for about 10 seconds and the compare the reaction color to the chart. Full instructions come with the kit.

See attached Photo - Cocaine Cuts Test Kit Color Chart
What is Levamisole and Why is it Bad?

Levamisole is a drug typically used to deworm livestock, but in humans it can trigger a devastating immune-system crash called agranulocytosis. In other words, levamisole can destroy your white blood cells, leaving you susceptible to infections.

How Common is Levamisole Cut Cocaine?
There was a time when levamisole was rarely found in cocaine (1.9% of the time in 2005), but by July 2009, the DEA reported that about 70% of cocaine entering the United States contained levamisole.1 Cocaine cut with levamisole has been reported to have risen to 82% of tested samples by 2011.2

What About Testing Cocaine Purity?
This test doesn't give an indication of the purity of your cocaine. For that, we recommend the Cocaine Purity Test Kit.

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