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Smart Pot 2 Gallon Without Handles Fabric Plant Pot Grow Bag Container

Smart Pot 2 Gallon Without Handles Fabric Plant Pot Grow Bag Container

What Can You Grow in A Smart Pot?
The short answer: anything with roots... But start with something good to eat!
You can grow almost anything in a Smart Pot! Vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more.
You don't need a green thumb to have a thriving container garden. All you need are the right tools. Your #1 tool is the Smart Pot.

Smart Pots is the original fabric aeration container. It is designed to enhance your gardening experience by helping you grow healthier, more fruitful plants. Less weeding, without the digging or other struggles that come with traditional gardening.

Better Than Traditional Plastic Containers
Smart Pots utilize a patented fabric design to produce a healthier plant. Before Smart Pots became a household name, professional tree growers were using it for over 25 years and found their trees grew better in our fabric containers.Almost all plants grow better in our Smart Pot fabric containers. That’s because Smart Pots support healthy root growth. And strong roots means a stronger plant.Compared to plastic containers, Smart Pots stay cooler on hot days because it allows air to flow through the sides of the fabric. Roots can’t grow and are stressed when plastic containers get hot.Smart Pots also root-prunes. What is root pruning? When a root tip reaches the side of our fabric container, it stops in place, and initiates lateral, or side branching. As this process repeats, the entire area of the container is filled with fibrous root growth, allowing more surface area for mineral and water absorption. A recent study at Texas A&M University showed double the root mass compared to a traditional plastic container. In a plastic container, roots circle around the side and rarely initiate fibrous growth.

Performance Gardening Without The Headache
The biggest headache of gardening is digging up and placing the garden, and turning your compressed, backyard clay soil into something that will grow a plant. And it has to drain well. With the Smart Pot, you can be set up in a performance garden in minutes.The healthier root structure that develops allows the plant to grow faster than it would in the ground. And a stronger plant is more resistant to insects, illness, weather fluctuation and is easier to care for overall.For most urban residents, growing in a container is the only viable solution. Container gardening means plants can be strategically placed on patios, walkways, steps, or balconies. They can be moved to avoid a hailstorm, or even travel with you in a trailer.

Head And Shoulders Above The Competition
Smart Pots are BPA-free. So you can be 100% organic without worrying about dangerous chemicals leeching into your soil. The same can’t be said for other fabric containers and raised beds built with Rail Road ties or other treated lumber.Those chemicals get into your soil and will be absorbed by the roots of plants. This is an issue because non-treated wood will rot, whereas treated wood can contain hundreds of chemicals. With Smart Pots, our focus is on growing edibles – don’t grow your edibles in treated wood such as rail road ties.The Smart Pot design has been perfected through 30 years of real-life usage. What you’re getting is optimal fabric thickness and texture. For maximum airflow and product longevity.

We manufacture in the USA so we maintain strict quality standards. Take the challenge: hold a Smart Pot in one hand, and any competitor in the other hand. Notice the difference in the fabric. You’ll know which product will breakdown just by feeling it.

Approximate dimensions (width x height in inches) and soil volume (cu. ft. of Soil / Mix) per Smart Pot Fabric planter container sizes (in gallons)
1 Gal = 7" x 6" = 0.134 cu. ft. of soil/mix
2 Gal = 8" x 7" = 0.204 cu. ft. of soil/mix
3 Gal = 10" x 7.5" = 0.341 cu. ft. of soil/mix
5 Gal = 12" x 9.5" = 0.622 cu. ft. of soil/mix
7 Gal = 14" x 9.5" = 0.846 cu. ft. of soil/mix
10 Gal = 16" x 11.5" = 1.338 cu. ft. of soil/mix
15 Gal = 18" x 13.5" = 1.988 cu. ft. of soil/mix
20 Gal = 20" x 15.5" = 2.818 cu. ft. of soil/mix
25 Gal = 21" x 15.5" = 3.107 cu. ft. of soil/mix
30 Gal = 24" x 15.5" = 4.058 cu. ft. of soil/mix
45 Gal = 27" x 18" = 5.964 cu. ft. of soil/mix
65 Gal = 32" x 18" = 8.387 cu. ft. of soil/mix
100 Gal = 38" x 20" = 13.126 cu. ft. of soil/mix

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