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RYOT Dugout - Solid Wood w/ Bat, Magnetic Lid & Poker - Large - Walnut

RYOT Dugout - Solid Wood w/ Bat, Magnetic Lid & Poker - Large - Walnut

RYOT Taster Box / One-Hitter Box. Solid Wood. Dual-Purpose Magnetic Lid. Magnets hold lid securely closed. Poker is magnetically secured in a center (bottom) chamber - Poker will not fall out! Ample storage space for your tobacco.

Available in an array of high quality woods, the RYOT® Taster Box's patented magnetic poker and lid have been combined with a unique pistol grip to create a taster box like none other. Simply toss it into your pocket with a lighter and you're set for the day!

Available in Small (2") and Large (3") sizes
Durable wooden construction
Magnetic poker and lid
Storage for smoking blends
Fits all standard taster bats
Patent # 7717259

Included Bat / One-Hitter Pipe: Generally Cigarette Look-alike. We don't open every one up to check when they arrive at our store, but it seems that most if not all RYOT boxes that we receive come with cigarette-looking bats, unlike what is shown in some of the photographs from RYOT used in our product listings.

So, if you prefer a bat other than the 'cigarette bat' that is seen as a cheap 'throw-away' by many, please consider purchasing one from our huge selection of options including many RYOT brand bats:

Or from the wide range available from many suppliers:

Either way, of course please be careful to choose a bat that will fit your dugout - generally 'small' or '2"' / '(2-inch)' bats bats are for 'small' dugouts while 'large' or '3"' / '3-inch' bats are for 'large' dugouts.

Replacement/Extra Magnetic Metal Poker available (can be cut shorter to fit 'small' dugouts / boxes)

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