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ROOR Germany Downstem Diffused 14mm - Lengths 9.0cm-17.5cm

ROOR Germany Downstem Diffused 14mm - Lengths 9.0cm-17.5cm

The term «Diffuser Down-Tube» implies a most modern and innovative cooling technique. Unlike with conventional down-tubes, the glassblowers close the tube ending and perforate it with many small punctures – this, however, without reducing thereby its overall passage way.
Consequence: the smoke spreads better, rises in many small bubbles thereby getting its own, distinctively smooth character.

Stem Measurement Details (photo attached to show measurement may show a different downstem for reference purposes) - Brand-By-Brand:
From our experience, the STANDARD method of measuring Ground Joint Stem length is generally to measure the amount of glass that's below the 'joint' to measure how deeply into the bong the stem goes, beyond that joint... SO, generally they are measured from the bottom of the ground glass (frosted) joint to the absolute bottom of the stem. Unfortunately this rule is complicated by some brands that do things a little differently, so the following is our understanding of the stem measurement protocols of our most popular glass brands. Please also note that, as with all blown-glass items, there is always a little variation from one stem, and one measurement, to the next - so please allow for a slight variation in measurement and don't expect the numbers to be EXACT. If you have any uncertainty regarding measurement please don't hesitate to contact us at for clarification or help of any kind!

How each glass company measures their Glass-On-Glass (a.k.a. Ground-Glass) Joint Down-Stems:
Cheech: Measured from bottom of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
GEAR: Measured from tip to tip (overall length) - therefore, about 2.5cm / 1" higher a number than the standard method would give.
HOSS: Measured from TOP of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
Illadelph: One option - fits both beakers and straights (and Micro-Mini fits Micro-Minis).
Infyniti: Measured from top of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
Nice: Measured from bottom of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
NoName: Measured from bottom of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
OG: Measured from bottom of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
Preemo: Measured from bottom of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.
ROOR: Measured from TOP of ground-glass joint to bottom tip.

THC (Toronto Hemp Co.) is one of a select group of ROOR Germany Authorized Resellers - beware the MANY counterfeits and knock-off artists, these here pieces are LEGIT GERMAN ROOR! We order in small batches direct from the ROOR glass studio in Frankenthal Germany, EU!

With a Roor pipe, you see smoking as a culture, not consumption. That is our responsibility, our motivation and our task. As a four-time winner of the High Times Cup, we see the awards at international trade fairs as a motivation to remain true to our philosophy. Over the years, RooR has rightly attracted tons of celebrity fans and friends: B-Real, System of a Down, Howard Marks and many more.

RooR glass pipes enable a premium smoking experience. With us, the highest demands on workmanship and material meet design and decades of experience in handicrafts. The precise processing of exclusively high-quality laboratory glass is our product promise - this is how we guarantee first-class smoking pleasure.

Unique to RooR are the numerous options to get to know the individual smoking behavior, to optimize it and ultimately to individualize it with regard to taste, intensity and aesthetics. Thanks to the modular system, our pipes adapt to an experimental smoke sensation over the years.

We are "the one and only"! It's not for nothing that people have been trying to copy us for years or to hold a candle to our wealth of creative ideas. ROOR has been valued for consistent quality for decades and is more than a brand - we are a community!

The feedback from our customers around the world guarantees the continuous development of our product lines. Numerous innovations - such as the anti-roll system, ice notches or the diffuser - have always ensured RooR's pioneering role in the market for sophisticated smoking products.

As early as the mid-1990s, the artisan Martin Birzle devoted himself to the manufacture of glass pipes. His expertise in the glassblowing trade is combined with the claim not to create mass-produced goods, but works of art. His philosophy: Highest quality and best functionality with an individual and appealing design.

Do you want a special one-off piece that is tailored to your optical and functional wishes? Almost all of our series pipes can be individually adapted and we are happy to take on the challenge, as far as possible, even with special extra requests. Email us at for details or to outline your bespoke specialized custom requirements and we'll get it going for you (deposit and time required of course)!

WANT TO CUSTOM DESIGN YOUR OWN ROOR BONG? - Yes you can! If you would like to order a special custom-designed ROOR bong with all the options specifically chosen to your liking (thickness, ice notches, carb hole, height, joint size, downstem diffusing, bowl type and customization, logo and other color options, etc.) just shoot us an email! Check out the options and some more details at our "Custom ROOR Germany Glass Bong Order Options" Page - !!

Stock # 2757 Matrix of Lengths
 Stock # 5333 9.0cm
 Stock # 5334 9.5cm
 Stock # 5335 10.0cm
 Stock # 5336 10.5cm
 Stock # 5337 11.0cm
 Stock # 5338 11.5cm
 Stock # 5339 12.0cm
 Stock # 5340 12.5cm
 Stock # 5341 13.0cm
 Stock # 5342 13.5cm
 Stock # 5343 14.0cm
 Stock # 5344 14.5cm
 Stock # 5345 15.0cm
 Stock # 5346 15.5cm
 Stock # 5347 16.0cm
 Stock # 5348 16.5cm
 Stock # 5349 17.0cm
 Stock # 5350 17.5cm