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ITSA Flavor Card - Choice of Flavors

ITSA Flavor Card - Choice of Flavors 22596

We offer a 25% discount on purchases of a full box of any flavor of ITSA cards (also works for mix-and-match of any quantity of 25+ cards) - please enter the 'Discount Code' ITSA25PERCENTON25PLUS during checkout.

Itsa is the revolutionary new way to infuse your dry food and dry beverage products with flavor and aroma.
Unlike some flavor products you may have tried, Itsa actually works.

1 Drop a flavor card in your _______.
Choose from twelve flavors, all made from premium, food-grade ingredients.

2 Let it sit for a while.
Give the card some time to infuse your product with flavor - the longer, the stronger. Each flavor card is a little different, so check the back of the package or the flavor pages for instructions.

3 Enjoy.
That's it. Welcome to higher flavor. There's no turning back now. Check out our FAQ page for even more information.

Beloved for centuries in Europe and Asia, the blackcurrant is making a comeback across the pond. It’s easy to see why—this little berry packs a big punch. You’ll experience a mouth-puckering blend of sour and sweet, with floral aromatic notes. This bold flavor is only for the adventurous.

Grab your shades, pedal down to the lake and have yourself a picnic on the grass. You’ll experience a mild melon flavor with a juicy aftertaste and a hint of sunshine. It’s summertime anytime.

In the immortal words of polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, “Man, that’s cold.” The mints are our most intense flavors, and Mint Chill is the granddaddy of them all. You’ll experience a strong cooling mint sensation every time.

The first thing you’ll notice is the cold minty blast, just like Mint Chill. Then a hint of bright blueberry will get your sweetness receptors firing, straight from your tongue to your frontal lobe. That’s the Mint Blueberry experience: Cool your mouth, blue your mind.

Mostly chilly, a little sweet—like a librarian who secretly finds you attractive. You’ll enjoy the same intense, cooling sensation as with Mint Chill, but with a touch of raspberry to keep things interesting. Bonus: no seeds stuck between your teeth.

The mint plunges you into the Arctic, then the lime flies you to Mexico. It’s a strange itinerary, but worth the trip. You’ll experience a strong cooling sensation, similar to Mint Chill, then get just enough fruity lime overtones to curl your lips upward. Muy sabrrrrrrroso.

Like a winter nap on the forest floor. You’ll feel a chilly breeze as you drift away into sugary spearmint bliss. Grab a wool blanket… and sweet dreams.

We offer a 25% discount on purchases of a full box of any flavor of ITSA cards - please inquire for a 'Discount Code' that will allow this same in-store discount to be applied to a purchase online.

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