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Errlectric Concentration Station w/ Coil & Full Quartz Nail FQN

Errlectric Concentration Station with Coil & Full Quartz Nail FQN

Includes a Complete System
Errlectric® Concentration Station™
Heater Coil & Titanium Bucket Heater with 5ft Cord (USA Titanium Material Certification)
U.S.A. Full Quartz Nail (FQN) 14mm / 90°
Hi-Temp Retaining Band
Stainless Steel Heater Stand
6ft Detachable Power Cord (US 120V or Euro 240V)
Storage Box & Foam Insert
Errlectric® Instruction Sheet
3-Year Warranty
Quartz Material Safety Data Sheet (.pdf)
Quartz Certificate of Compliance (.jpg)

The safest, quietest and most consistent system for vaporizing oils.
Errlectric is proud to offer a high quality full quartz nail option. The Errlectric full quartz nail and patent pending heater design combine to solve the problems in banger-style e-nails by utilizing a titanium bucket heat exchanger to surround the quartz. The titanium bucket heater provides even heat from the bottom & sides so there is no puddling or excessive temperatures needed for proper performance. The buckets and nails have carefully controlled manufacturing tolerances so the heater and quartz can be left assembled at all times without fear of breaking the quartz.

Designed from the ground-up to be the best.
Errlectric® is the only e-nail that is built from our own circuit board- not from a cheap PID temperature controller. Errlectric® features a microprocessor 'brain' for the ultimate in temperature control and useful features to ensure that it operates safely and effectively for many years.

Errlectric Automatic Shut-Off Timer
A programmable safety shut-off timer can be adjusted from 3 to 420 minutes to turn the heater off if it is left on.

Errlectric Programmable Temperature
Easy adjustment of the temperature set point from 0 to 850°F (0-460°C) in 10 degree increments. The set point is saved in memory even when the power is removed, and units of °C or °F can be chosen for the set point and temperature display.

Soft-Heat™ Technology
Soft-Heat™ regulates the heater coil power to prevent it from ever glowing red and reaching excessive temperatures. Soft-HeatTM technology significantly prolongs the life of the heater coil and prevents damage and discoloration of the titanium from excessive temperatures. This intelligent feature is one reason why we can be confident offering a warranty that is superior to our competitors'.

Errlectric Backlit LCD Display
The LCD displays temperature and a real-time bar graph of power being used to heat the nail. When the unit has been turned to 'off' mode and the coil/nail is cooling, the display remains illuminated showing the temperature and a warning message until it has cooled to a safe level. An illuminated display warns the user of a hot nail or coil.

Errlectric Digital Electronics
Automatic Shock-Protection circuit
Self-diagnostics & warning messages
Heater power display shows heater "throttle"
Self-Clean Timer burn-off cycle can be run for 5 minutes then return to set temperature
"Odometer" displays total hours, days and years the unit has been heating
Errlectric "Bent Neck" Coil
The Errlectric® trade-mark "bent-neck" heater-coil is an Errlectric® inovation that reduces stress on your glass joints and prevents tipping.
Errlectric Made in U.S.A.
Designed and built in a U.S. factory, Errlectric® Concentration Station™ features a full, manufacturer direct 3-year warranty. Thank you for supporting a U.S. business and employees!
120V model for USA/Canada - 120V model comes with 120V US plug and 120V heater coil.

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