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DoobTube Air-Tight Joint Tube - Regular Size Translucent NO Logo Plain Single Asstd Color

DoobTube Air-Tight Joint Tube - Regular Size Translucent NO Logo Single Tube Asstd Color

Measuring at 5.5" x 0.65", you can fit some serious volume inside the larger Doob Tubes.

Measuring at 4.3" x 0.55", regular hold 1.25" papers.

**MAY NOT MATCH PHOTO** These are authentic, original DoobTube brand joint tubes, actually MADE IN USA! While we do also have "NoName" tubes (and tubes by other brands like Greengo and RAW etc.) - some of which are awesome also, in their different ways - THESE are the original, extremely durable, air-tight and smell-proof, American-made DoobTubin tubes!

The Doob Tube is the perfect container for storing your pre-rolled medicine. Small and compact, these innovative storage containers fit neatly in your pocket. Carefully designed to keep your medicine safe and discreet, Doob Tubes are ideal for when you are on the move.

Airtight - The Doob Tube has been carefully constructed with an advanced air-tight seal to prevent any unwanted odors escaping or any moisture seeping in. The innovative, air-tight seal allows you to store your herbs with complete discretion.

Moisture Resistant - The air-tight seal is moisture-resistant, preventing any unwanted water from seeping into your stash. As long as you don’t fully submerge your Doob Tube in liquid, the interior will stay completely dry

Odor Proof - An essential feature of the Doob Tube is that it prevents any odor from escaping, allowing you to discreetly carry your stash wherever you go. Simply close the air-tight seal and the smell of your herbs will remain safely locked away.

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