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Dominizer Glass Vaporizer - Portable, Convection Entry-Level Intro-To-Vaporization Unit

The Dominizer Glass Vaporizer - Portable, Convection Entry-Level Intro-To-Vaporization Unit

Simple, inexpensive, and as effective as the vaporizing units that cost $hundreds, we (along with thousands of satisfied customers) feel that our Dominizer is the best of both vaporizing worlds - an excellent compromise between the somewhat inexpensive but not-very-effective hot-plate vaporizers and the very expensive and quite effective hot-air models on the market today. It's ideal for people who want to vaporize, or just try vaporizing, without spending a lot of money.

Careful! Some parts do get hot! You might want to let the unit cool down a bit between uses, and be somewhat careful where you place it while it's hot! Use at your own risk, and this is for information purposes only - not a substitute for professional advice!

Many aspects of smoking and vaporizing are matters of personal preference, and some take a little practice and fine-tuning (for example, choice and positioning of your air heating device). The following instructions generally work well for us.
First, push a clean screen into 1b.
Next, gently pack some finely-ground herb into 2a.
After pushing the desired amount of herb into 2a (should end up being approximately 1cm deep into 2a), plug 2a with one of your fingers while pushing a tamp (available in glass as an accessory, but I generally just use a cheap Bic pen - back end first, not the ink-end of course!) in through 2b in order to gently pack (tamp) the herb together. You want the herb all together - no pieces far enough out that they are easily ignited - but loose enough that air easily flows through it.
Now, put the Dominizer together by inserting 2a into 1b. If your rubber grommet is in the right position, 2a should lightly press against the screen and 1b. Adjust the position of the grommet when and as necessary before putting the unit together - never force the pieces together in such a way as to risk breaking the glass - it is strong lab-glass, but be careful! Use water and perhaps soap as necessary to lubricate the outside of glass piece 2a when moving the grommet, and use water or vegetable oil to lubricate the outside of the grommet as needed for a comfortable fit into 1b.
With the unit assembled and packed you should be ready to go. As far as heating devices go, we use Bic lighters for occasional use, all-natural organic cotton- or hemp-wicked beeswax candles for more frequent use, and other options include torch lighters and heat guns which avoid flames altogether. The relative convenience, effectiveness and safety of various heating devices is worth considering. Position your heating device in such a way as to suck the heat, NOT any flame, into the unit. The goal is to draw hot air in and through the herb, NOT actually igniting the herb, so don't try to suck a lot of flame into the tube.
No matter what your choice of heat source, your goal is to regulate the warming of your herb by adjusting your technique so that you inhale a comfortable, while noticable, amount of heat through your herb. Again, a little practice and perhaps trial-and-error may be needed, especially for people who haven't used hot-air vaporizers before. You have to keep in mind that it's quite different from smoking. It's a multiple-hit process - that is, the first hit will be really tasty and not too hot or smokey yet; the second hit perhaps a little less tasty while warmer and more smokey, and so on (generally two or three hits should do it). So the herb actually heats up from one hit to the next and you can't expect the first one to be as hot or apparently potent as the second.

Since you're not aiming to burn but just vaporize the herb, you won't have a black charred mess in the tube when you're done, and it won't taste the same as if you'd cooked a pipe bowl. You'll know that it's time to empty and re-pack your herb by the change in flavour and the reduction in vaporizability of the herb.

Dominizer screens should last you a good while if properly cared for. Clean them by burning off residue or soaking in a resin-dissolving substance like rubbing alcohol, and do so relatively often as a dirty screen will adversely affect the functioning of the Dominizer by restricting the air-flow.

To empty the Dominizer, we recommend using a pen or similar poker to push the herbs out into your ashtray. With proper technique, your Dominizer should not heat up too much between uses. But it might be wise to have a safe place, and sufficient time, to set it down and avoid burning yourself until you figure out your method.

Cleaning generally involves a quick and simple routine with a rolled up piece of paper towel, some heat and/or rubbing alcohol. The Dominizer can be stored with 2b inserted into 1b making for a very small and portable unit. Enjoy!