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Bernardin Mason Jar 125ml w. 70mm Lid

Bernardin Mason Jar 125ml w/ 70mm Lid

Not sure if we should call these 'Widemouth' as there seem to be different definitions and interpretations of the term... So to be clear, what we mean here by 'Widemouth' is that these are 'shoulderless' jars - the 'mouth' at the top is as wide as, or wider than, the rest of the jar. In other words, the actual glass jar is straight-sided or tapered slightly narrower from top to bottom if anything. To be even more clear, though, these specific 125ml jars have a 70mm top / opening / lid and are no wider than that 70mm from top to bottom. (The 'true' definition of 'Widemouth' might be 'having a 90mm top / opening / lid', so we do not want to be misleading here!) The bottom line though is that these are great jars!

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