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THC - Toronto Hemp Company - Online Head Shop

Smoke Shop, Hemp Products, Garden Supplies, Glass!!! - Cannabis Superstore! Est. 1994


Hemp Smoke Shop Icon
Hemp Smoking Glass

Stairway up to Glass Heaven, and down to an Underground Gardener's Paradise 

Hemp Incense Books Counter

First Floor (Hemp, Incense, Books, Cleaning, Containers, Drug Test, Scales, Papers, Pipes, Vapes, Acrylic, etc.!)

Glass Water Pipes Counter

Glass Water Pipes / Tubes / Beakers / Glass-on-Glass / ROOR / Illadelph / Sheldon Black / Silika / Gear / Hoss / HiSi / Hookahs / Mya Saray (Second Floor)

Glass Pipes & Bubblers Counter

Glass Pipes & Bubblers & Concentrate Stuff & Pipe Cases (Second Floor)

Heady Cabinets

Heady Cabinets - Super-High-End Glass "Functional Art" (Second Floor)

Garden Supplies Nutrients
Garden Supplies - Nutrients, Testing Supplies, Environmental Controls, Pest Control, Air & Water Movement, Mediums and Containers, etc. (Basement)

Could this be the finest Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana Culture Store and Resource Centre in the world? Come check us out and you be the judge!

Attack Of The Show AOTS 420: Yongsterdam
"Dominic Cramer gives Zach a tour of Yongsterdam, a row of shops which sell only marijuana and marijuana accessories."
Read more: Jamaica Special 

Hilarious Video of CTV News show The Verdict with Paula Todd, through UTube, featuring Dom Cramer, Founder of THC, TCC, Sacred Seed, KindRed Cafe, Vapor Central, Toronto Art Glass, etc. :)

Toronto Life Magazine - July 2009 - Everybody Must Get Stoned

Toronto Life

Toronto Life Contents


Every Body Must  Get Stoned
Every Body Must Get Stoned
Cramer Pots Empire
Dream Open A bigger

Read the entire 8-page article HERE - or here: or here:

Cannabis Culture 2007/03: Retail Activism - Yonge Street Hempire

Bong HIs Heart
A recent article written about us in the National Post tells much of the THC story quite nicely.


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